Here we go down this journey of 3D printing.  This journey for me started in October of 2018 when I purchased my first 3D printer, the Anet A6.

I had done my research and chose a kit printer to build, something affordable that had a decent build volume.  It took a few hours to build, just peeling the protective paper from the acrylic took a decent amount of time.  Once I built it, it was in the living room of my house, I only plugged it in and ran it when I was going to be home, after all I had seen the photos of other inexpensive printers and fires due to thermal runaway,  This led me to my first “upgrade”, firmware.

Since the A6 did not have thermal runaway protection, it was time to upgrade the Marlin firmware on the printer.  Marlin release was at version 1.1.8, following the guides from the Facebook group for the Anet A6 I delved into the “unknown” and attempted to update the firmware.  I connected the printer to my Windows computer, compiled the firmware, and uploaded….  I didn’t want to brick my mainboard, that was a possibility as I had read…things went good though.  My printer rebooted and it showed the printer name I had set “Anet A6”.  Success!  I tested the thermal runaway protection by disconnecting the power and ground to the hot end heater and commanding “Preheat PLA” from the control display.  Within about a minute the printer beeped and displayed “Thermal runaway detected, printer halted.  Reset Printer”.  I then felt safe to run longer prints, and even print while I wasn’t home.

Phase 2 of upgrades:  Belt tensioner for X axis, Z end stop shim (to be able to print on glass versus the tape and aluminum bed).  See upgrades phase 2 post.

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