ChiTubox Review: The Ultimate 3D Printing Software for Your Resin Printer

As a 3D printing enthusiast, you know how important it is to have the right tools and software to get the best results. If you own a resin printer, you need a slicer software that can handle the complex geometry of your models and deliver precise and detailed prints. Enter ChiTubox, a powerful and user-friendly 3D printing software specifically designed for resin printing.

In this ChiTubox review, we’ll take a closer look at its features, benefits, and drawbacks, and help you decide if it’s the right choice for your needs.

What is ChiTubox?

ChiTubox is a slicer software that can generate and slice 3D models for resin printing. It was developed by the Chinese company Asura, and it’s compatible with most resin 3D printers on the market, including Anycubic, Elegoo, Phrozen, and Creality. ChiTubox offers a number of advanced features that set it apart from other slicers, such as automatic support generation, hollowing, anti-aliasing, and manual control over the support structure.

Key Features and Benefits of ChiTubox

One of the main benefits of ChiTubox is its automated support generation feature. The software analyzes the geometry of your model and generates the necessary supports with a high degree of accuracy.

Moreover, it allows you to tweak and customize the support structure manually, making it easy to remove the supports after printing without damaging your model. Another notable feature of ChiTubox is its hollowing tool, which lets you create hollow models that use less resin and print faster, while maintaining their structural integrity.

In addition, ChiTubox offers anti-aliasing, a technique that smooths the edges and surfaces of your models, resulting in a more polished and detailed print. The software also supports multiple file formats, including STL, OBJ, and AMF, and allows you to slice and preview your models in real-time. Furthermore, it has a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls that make it easy to use, even for beginners.

Drawbacks of ChiTubox

While ChiTubox offers many benefits and advanced features, it also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of. One of the main drawbacks is its price, as it’s not a free software and requires a one-time payment of $30 to unlock all features.

Also, some users have reported issues with the automatic support generation feature, such as generating too many or too few supports, or generating them in the wrong places. Additionally, the software may not be compatible with some older or less popular resin printers, so make sure to check the compatibility list before purchasing.

Tips for Using ChiTubox

To get the most out of ChiTubox, here are some tips and best practices to follow. First, make sure to properly orient your model and position it on the build plate, as this can affect the support generation and overall quality of the print.

Second, use the automatic support generation feature as a starting point, but don’t rely on it completely – check and adjust the supports manually if needed.

Third, experiment with the hollowing feature to save resin and printing time, but be careful not to make the walls too thin or fragile. Finally, use the anti-aliasing feature sparingly, as it can increase the slicing time and memory usage, especially for large models.


ChiTubox is a powerful and versatile 3D printing software that offers many benefits and features for resin printing. Its automated support generation, hollowing, anti-aliasing, and real-time preview make it a great choice for beginners and advanced users alike. However, it’s not a perfect software and has some drawbacks, such as its price and compatibility issues.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly slicer software for your resin printer, ChiTubox is definitely worth a try.

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