How to Fix Ender 3 Not Reading SD Card

Ender 3 is a popular 3D printer that is renowned for its capability, simplicity, and affordability. However, like all machines, it may occasionally encounter problems that alter its performance. If you encounter an issue where your Ender 3 fails to read an SD card, it is vital to know how to solve it.

In this post, we will discuss this issue and provide you with some valuable tips to resolve it.

1. Check the SD Card Reader

The first step towards solving an Ender 3 SD card reading problem is to check the SD card reader’s functionality. Ensure that the reader is securely plugged into the motherboard and the card is inserted correctly. Some users tend to insert the card backward, which can cause the printer to fail to read it. Ensure that you insert the card with the metallic contacts facing down, and the lock switch should be at the top of the card.

2. Reformat the SD Card

Sometimes, the Ender 3 may fail to read an SD card because the card has corrupted files or the format is incorrect. Reformatting the SD card into the correct format can solve this problem. Insert the SD card to a computer, right-click the card, select format, and choose FAT32 as the file system.

3. Bad SD Card

A bad or faulty SD card can cause your Ender 3 to fail to read the card. Check if the card is damaged, scratched, or dented and replace it if necessary. Ensure that you use a well-known and reliable SD card brand to avoid compatibility issues.

4. Update Firmware

Firmware updates can help resolve issues with the Ender 3 not reading the SD card. Download the latest firmware for the Ender 3 and follow the instructions to update it. Updating the firmware should also be done regularly to maintain the printer’s performance.

5. Check the Cable

The SD card reader’s cable could be the reason why your Ender 3 is not reading the SD card. Check if the cable is securely connected to the motherboard and the reader. Check for any frayed wires or visible damage. Replace the cable if it is damaged.


When your Ender 3 3D printer fails to read an SD card, it is vital to know what to do to fix the problem. The tips we have provided in this blog post, including checking if the SD card reader is properly plugged in, ensuring the correct SD card format, checking if the card is bad, updating the firmware, and checking the cable are effective in solving the issue.

If you try these tips, and the issue persists, consider contacting the manufacturer or a certified technician to fix the Ender 3 printer.

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