How to Use Cura Tree Supports

3D printing is a phenomenal technological advancement that has revolutionized manufacturing processes in a wide range of industries. However, the printing process doesn’t come without its challenges. One such obstacle that 3D printers face is the risk of print failure due to the lack of proper support structures. Cura Tree support structures are a fantastic solution to this problem.

This guide is dedicated to educating you on all that you need to know about Cura Tree supports.

What Are Cura Tree Supports?

Cura Tree supports are an innovative support structure specifically engineered to improve the print quality of your 3D prints and minimize material usage. These supports are tree-like and resemble organic structures rather than traditional support structures. Cura tree supports are optimized to drastically minimize contact with 3D models, which results in faster well-flowing prints.

How Do You Use Cura Tree Supports?

The process of implementing Cura Tree supports is simple and straightforward. First, enable the support feature on your Cura software. Next, select the model’s “Support Blocking” option, followed by the “Gradual Support Infill” option. After doing this, tweak the settings to suit your desired printing standards, such as support density, overhang angle threshold, and so on. Finally, click on generate tree supports and allow the program to generate the support structure for your model.

The Benefits of Cura Tree Supports

Choosing Cura Tree supports provides a range of benefits, such as optimized printing speed, improved print quality, and reduced material usage. Tree supports are static, which means that they don’t move during prints, minimizing the occurrence of errors. Furthermore, the supports resemble real-world trees, which gives your 3D models an organic look and feel. Cura Tree supports also boast of low contact with the printed model, which not only improves the overall quality and accuracy of your prints but also makes removing the support much more straightforward once it’s complete.

Tips for Using Cura Tree Supports

While Cura Tree supports are easy to use, there are a few tips that can help you get the best results. First, observe that your models’ overhang angle remains above your chosen threshold. Secondly, choose a material volume and printing speed settings that are tailored to the material you are using and the purpose of your prints. Lastly, avoid using high-density support structures, as they can be challenging to remove.


Cura Tree supports are a fantastic solution to the persistent challenge of support structures in 3D printing. The innovative design allows your models to print faster and with improved quality while significantly reducing the amount of material usage.

By following the tips provided in this guide, you can achieve the best results from Cura Tree support structures. Implementing this feature is an excellent way to take your 3D prints to the next level.

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