Introduction of Cura: “Pause At Height”

3D printing is an incredible technology that is rapidly growing. It involves the creation of objects by layering material on top of each other in three dimensions. With its limitless potential, 3D printing has the ability to change the way we make things, how we design products, and create prototypes. The software used to control 3D printers can make a significant difference in the output quality and overall experience. One such software is Cura.

In this post, we will discuss one of the latest features added to Cura which is called “Pause at Height.”

What is Cura?

Cura is a free open-source software that is used to control 3D printers. It is an easy-to-use software that helps you prepare your 3D models for printing. Cura comes with many features that are designed to help you optimize and improve your 3D printing process. One such feature is Pause at Height.

What is Pause at Height?

Pause at Height is a new feature that was added to Cura 4.7. It allows you to pause the print job at a specific height. This feature is particularly useful if you want to change the filament color, add additional parts or accessories, or perform maintenance on your printer. Previously, you would have to closely watch the 3D printer while it is printing and manually pause it at the right moment. However, with Pause at Height, Cura does it for you, making it a lot easier and less stressful.

How to Use Pause at Height?

Using Pause at Height is simple. First, load your model into Cura and make sure it is properly sliced. Then, click on “Pause at Height” under the Extensions tab. Choose the layer at which you want the printer to pause. Finally, save the Gcode file and transfer it to your 3D printer through a USB cable or SD card. Once the 3D printer reaches the specific layer, it will automatically pause, giving you time to do whatever you need to do. Simply press the resume button on your printer once you are ready to continue, and the printer will resume where it left off.

Another benefit of Pause at Height is that it can reduce the risk of mistakes. By pausing the print job at a specific height, you can easily change the filament color or add parts without having to count the layers or measure the height. This means that you are less likely to make a mistake and ruin the final print. Additionally, if you are printing multiple parts, Pause at Height can be used to optimize your workflow. You can print each part separately, pausing the printer after each part has finished printing, and then resume the print job when you are ready to print the next part.


Pause at Height is a very useful feature that has recently been introduced in Cura. It is designed to make 3D printing a lot easier and less stressful. By pausing the print job at a specific height, you can change filament, add parts, or perform maintenance on your 3D printer. This feature can also reduce the risk of mistakes and optimize your workflow.

If you haven’t tried Cura yet, we recommend you download it and take advantage of this incredible feature.

Tyler Woodward

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